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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Radio Times - Freema Interview

This week's Radio Times includes an interview with Freema Agyeman.

Now, hands up who thought sparks would fly between Martha and Donna (Catherine Tate).

“Too obvious!” laughs Agyeman. “Everyone was expecting that, so it’s brilliant to have wrong-footed them. Martha and Donna are both too grounded to start swinging their handbags at each other. I’m glad that they didn’t. Instead, the two of them banter and gang up on the Doct or. It’s got great comedy value.”

 Was she able to keep a straight face opposite the Sontarans?

“Tiny little warriors who look like potatoes,” she considers. “Well, they look cute, but they’re totally obsessed with war and bloodlust and death and honour. I think they’re suffering a bit from small-man syndrome."

 “I did get a text from Russell T Davies just before we started filming that said ‘This is the first time ever that you’ll tower over a baddie!’ ” That can’t have helped. “No, but it was funny. When they walked on set, I did have a bit of a giggle.”

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