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Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Darkness Is Coming...

Rose: 'It's coming Donna. It's coming from across the stars, and 
nothing can stop it!'
Donna: 'WHAT IS ?!?'
Rose: 'The Darkness!'

When I first watched that breathtaking trailer (literally), it, well, took my breath away!
I can literally not say any more about it, apart from:

  • Rose!!! 
  • Daleks!!! 
  • Darkness!!! 
  • Davros!!!
  • Skeletons in space suits!!! (not so amazing as everything else, but so what!)
  • 'The Stars Are Going Out'!!!
  • 'Stay In The Light'!!!
  • 'Right; Now We're In Trouble'!!!
  • TARDIS on Fire!!!
  • 'It's only just beginning'!!!
  • And loads more!!!

Things I've Rounded Up/Opinions
  1. The Darkness: At the start, the Doctor says: "Almost every species in the universe has a irrational fear of the dark. But they're wrong, 'cause it's not irrational!"  This can ask many questions. So, it's trying to tell us that we shouldn't think that it is not logical to be afraid of the dark, because, apparently, we should be! This could just have effect in next week's 2-parter, in which, what I think, is that when you enter the darkness, it can kill you, or makes it easier for something else to! In one short clip, it shows the Doctor and Donna in the library, running away from lights turning off. The Darkness! "Not everyone comes back out of the dark!" You can see that they have thought this trailer through. Even though you probably don't notice it the first time you watch it, Wilf says straight after that: "They're going out! Oh My God, the stars are going out!!!" This could mean that the Daleks are destroying all the planets, or something, so all the stars go out. That leads back to Silence in the Library. The Daleks could be switching of the Sun, which would plunge us into darkness. And at the end of the trailer it has Rose saying: "It's coming, from across the stars, and no-one can stop it! The Darkness!" And you can't stop darkness, like killing someone, because it doesn't have a physical shape, and you can't touch it. It just engulfs you! This could be a major storyline for the finale. I think what it is mainly saying is that it is actually ok to be scared of the dark, because there is something out there, waiting in the dark...
  2. Davros: If you saw near the end of the trailer, it showed the bottom half of a bronze dalek, but the top half was in darkness! It had a slightly different middle, looked like no guns or any other weapons, and a small blue light, higher up and smaller than a normal Dalek eye. Is this Davros? It certainly seems like it to me, including rumours and other stuff about him coming back!
  3. 'Rose Is Coming Back!': Donna says " Rose is coming back! No matter what's happening, isn't that good?" Huge grin on the Doctor's face, "Yeah!!!"  I love this clip, as even though amongst everything that must be going on for them at that time, they still find the time to be happy about her return, and the Doctor looks more than happy!
  4. New Dalek Logo: All groups of Daleks have different symbols under their eye-stalk. The Cult of Skaro had unique ones with a different one for each Dalek. It seems that the new Daleks in the trailer have different ones. Does this mean that they have come from somewhere else, or have just been made. Like the emperor, who made a whole new race of Daleks, and gave them new symbols, could this be the same?
  5. TARDIS On Fire: Probably not a really big thing, but his looks really cool!!! The TARDIS walls seemed to have turned red (like the paradox machine, when the Master took over it). Does this mean anything important. Red Alert for the TARDIS. One thing's for sure. If it's burning up, the Doctor might need to redesign the 'desktop theme'. A change from the current 'Coral' perhaps? Not that I don't like it at the moment! I love it!
Favourite Quotes

  • "Almost every species in the universe have an irrational fear of the dark. But they're wrong, 'cause it's not irrational!" - The Doctor
  • "They're going out! Oh My God, the stars are going out!"  - Wilfred Mott
  • "Rose is coming back! No matter what's happening, isn't that good?" - Donna
  • "Yeah!!!" - The Doctor
  • "The real world is a lie, and your nightmare's are real!" - Doctor Moon
  • "Not everyone comes back out of the dark!" - The Doctor
  • "Stay in the light!" - The Doctor
  • "We're gonna' get out of here! I promise!!" - The Doctor
  • "Right! Now we're in trouble!!!" - Rose
  • "It's only just beginning!" - Rose
  • "It's coming, Donna! It's coming from across the stars, and nothing can stop it!" - Rose
  • "WHAT IS ?!?" - Donna
  • "The Darkness..." - Rose

So, anyway, I hoped you all enjoyed it, and, of course if you missed it, where were you?, but you can see it above, of course!