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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Doctor's Daughter - BBC Site

The BBC Doctor Who Site has been updated again to reflect this week's episode, The Doctor's Daughter. Again there are new wallpapers, a new jigsaw, fear forecast, trailer, preview and picture for the homepage.

Fear Factor: 3/5 - Very Scary

Digital Spy: (Two of these are red-herrings)

The Doctor is "processed".

Donna refers to The Doctor's daughter Jenny as "GI Jane".

Martha falls into a bog.

The Doctor puts a gun to a man's head.

There is talk of a being called 'The Great One'.

The Hath are genetic descendants of a race known as the Haemovores.

Martha puts a fish's shoulder back in place (or perhaps in plaice?).

The Doctor doesn't need a female to spawn a daughter - he is capable of doing it all on his own.

Jenny tells The Doctor that she saw someone called Susan die in the Time War, which upsets him greatly.

After putting a stethoscope to Jenny's chest, The Doctor is surprised by what he hears.

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