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Friday, 23 May 2008

Get Ready... (It's Nearly Time!)

It's nearly time for just over 1 minute of non-stop thrills and pure excitement!

It's the new Mid-Series Trailer for S4!!!

Remember: Tomorrow, 6:45pm (get ready before, because I'm sure it will be early), BBC One

Do Not Forget!!!

And remember to go onto the Doctor Who BBC Site to see all those glorious Who Goodies!

This really sounds more exciting than if just the episode was on instead! And don't forget the Eurovision after I'd Do Anything (How could you ever miss that!)

So, what should we expect:

  • Scenes from the Silence in the Library 2-parter
  • The Planet Midnight
  • Rose!!!
  • Daleks!!!!
  • Davros!!!!! (in the shadows (hopefully!))
Cannot Wait!