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Saturday, 3 May 2008

The Poison Sky - After Broadcast

Well, wasn't that DRAMATIC!

So, the fifth episode of Series 4, The Poison Sky, has now aired on BBC One.

I rate this episode 5/5! Everything was brilliant, like last episode, although I found this one slightly better! I’m not going to go into the whole favourite things about this story. You can find my best bits below (and it was incredibly hard this week!), and a few things the same as last week.

But……ROSE!!!!!!!! Watch it below, but don’t blink (and no, it’s not the weeping angels!) or you’ll miss her! Only a quick glimpse!

So, the TARDIS takes off by itself, Martha gets a little angry about it and the Doctor’s hand is bubbling in the jar. Does that mean another Time Lord. Well, Time Lady. The Doctor meets his daughter!!!


My Top 5 Scenes:

5. The TARDIS takes off by itself, Martha annoyed and hand bubbling!

4. The Scenes with the Sontarans on Earth at war including the Valiant blowing part of the ATMOS factory up, to kill some Sontarans!

3. Luke takes the Doctor’s place and sacrifices his life to blow up the Sontaran ship!

2. Donna’s great TARDIS scenes on her own, including ROSE on the TARDIS screen and calls to her family! 

1. The Doctor sets fire to the Earth to get rid of the gas and the Earth is free again, with great ‘The Doctor Forever’ music in the background!


But there are so many other good bits, with many hilarious jokes, like the ‘Are you my mummy?’ bit and Sylvia smashing the car window to let Wilf out and scary scares!

Hints of the Series 4 Story Arc:

Not many but ROSE!!! See above!

Here's the trailer for The Doctor's Daughter (Hello Dad!):



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