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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Forest of the Dead - After Broadcast


So, the ninth episode of Series 4, Forest of the Dead, has now aired on BBC One!

My Rating:

Well, this is my favourite episode of this Series (at least) yet! Wow, Wow, Wow! Um, maybe 5.1/5. Oh, all right, it can’t go over 5. Then it will have to be 5/5!!!

Percentage: 96%

My Brief Overview:

Wow! Sorry I can’t think of another word! This was such an amazing episode! An absolutely great idea! It was kind of like last year’s story the Family of Blood, in which the Doctor didn’t know who he was, but this time Donna didn’t. It was a lot better than last week’s episode! Many questions from last episode!

I loved how Donna was in an imaginary world, after she had ‘died’, and then Doctor Moon was looking after her, got married and had children. And then she met Miss Evangelista, but with a very spooky face!

The special effects of the library were amazing, and the great scenes inside, with lots of great action! And other great special effects, with great directing and filming!

River Song! Future companion of the Doctor? She knows what the Doctor’s real name is! And we don’t know! (Oh well. If we do, the show won’t be called Doctor Who!) And she died, and the Doctor brought her back in the imaginary world.

The final scenes were, well, brilliant! And that’s all I can really say! Apart from the music was really great, with different variations of the Doctor’s theme and everything else!

Sorry that it’s been a bit short and snappy, but I don’t know what else to say! Just everything together made it brilliant, fantastic, and everything you want to say! So there…

Hints of the Series 4 Story Arc:

Not much, apart from will we see River Song in the future…

Next Time:


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