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Sunday, 15 June 2008

K9 Tales - Faulty Disc

2-Entertain, the company which produces the classic DVD'a, has confirmed there is an authoring error with the latest release, The Invisible Enemy released this week as part of the K9-Tales disc set.

The error is towards the end of Episode Three and causes the disc to skip part of the episode.

2-Entertain will replace all faulty discs and have set up a helpline which will be active from Monday. Customers with faulty discs are advised to either email dvdsupport@bbc.co.uk or call 020 7612 3186. Instructions on what to do are on the voicemail of the phone line and on the auto reply from the email.

The current DVD release schedule is listed below. NB Schedule is not confirmed and may change.

  • 16 June - K9 Tales
  • 21 July - The Brain of Morbius
  • 18 August - Trail of a Timelord
  • September - Four to Doomsday
  • October - The War Machines
  • November - Battlefield