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Monday, 30 June 2008

The Key 2 Time Mini Series - January 2009

The Key 2 Time, a three-story mini series, is set for release between January and March 2009 as part of Big Finish’s main Doctor Who audio adventures range.

Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor will be joined by new companion Amy, one of two sentient humanoid ‘Tracers’, created to find the six segments of the Key. Ciara Janson (Nicole Owen in Hollyoaks and voices the new animated Famous Five) plays Amy, while the role of her twin sister Zara is portrayed by Laura Doddington, who was recently seen as PC Wood in Prime Suspect: The Final Act. The Key 2 Time, sees the Fifth Doctor on a new hunt for the six segments of the all powerful Key, but this time his task might not be quite as easy as it was the first time around…

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