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Monday, 2 June 2008

Silence in the Library - After Broadcast

Wow, wasn't that SPOOKY!

So, the eighth episode of Series 4, Silence in the Library, has now aired on BBC One!

My Rating:

Out of 5? I’m sorry, but this gets another 5/5 from me!

Percentage: 94%

My Brief Overview:

This was another fantastic episode! So, who do we think River Song is? It could be one of the Doctor’s Companions for the future, or it could be, having been rumored somewhere else, a Time Lady. And that strange TARDIS shaped book of River’s. And the sonic screwdriver, in which apparently the Doctor gave to her…

I thought it was a great idea from the fabulous Mr. Moffat, King of Scares! The idea of a normal girl on Earth dreaming about this library, and has the Doctor and Donna in is marvelous! It’s interesting what Doctor Moon said to the girl: ‘The real world is a lie, and your nightmares are real!’ That has a few questions to be answered behind it! It could be that where the girl is, it in fact might not be real, and where the Doctor and Donna are is the real world, because I don’t see how the Doctor and Donna would have slipped into an imaginary world!

Oh My God! Donna the Node! We weren’t expecting that, were we? And Proper Dave turning into the scary skeleton; classic! And not forgetting the other skeleton of Miss Evangelista, with the heartbreaking moments with Donna talking to her in her final moments!

RTD did say that this was going to be incredibly scary. But, I didn’t find it as scary as he had said. Yes, it was a bit unnerving, but I don’t think it was any scarier than last year’s Blink! Well, just my thought.

Hints of the Series 4 Story Arc:

Not much, but Donna did ask River Song where she was in the future, but River gave to answer, but just a worried and blank-faced look! This could refer in the finale where the Doctor and Donna might split up, for some unknown reason at this time! And could River come back soon in Doctor Who…Who Knows!

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