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Friday, 27 June 2008

Torchwood Blowfish - First Look!

Torchwood Action Figures are on the way!

Four figures - Captain Jack, The Weevil, The Cyberwoman, and Gwen Cooper comprise the first range and DWO understand that the articulation is a minimum of 10 points per figure.

These are supplied on a fully detachable Torchwood 'T' Collectors Plinth, to make them perfect for play and display.

This is a sneak preview of the first approved figure from Wave 2, The Blowfish.

Wave 2 will follow closely behind Wave 1, and at a retail of £8.99 they are going to be great collectors items.

We can also confirm that Captain John will be included in Wave 2, and that interest has been so overwhelming that Wave 3 is now in planning as well.

Great that an ambitious British company has made this happen for all the fans clamouring for them!

PREORDER the figures postfree from www.scificollector.co.uk - the official licence.