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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Turn Left - After Broadcast

Wow, wasn't that SPECTACULAR!

So, the eleventh episode of Series 4, Turn Left, has now aired on BBC One!

My Rating:

A definite 5/5! No doubts there!

Percentage: 96%

My Brief Overview:

This episode was a fantastic and well thought out episode of the best television series in the world! I loved it from start to finish! It had me gripped, all until the end of the Bad Wolf moment! I’ll pick that up further down again.

It was such a good idea, and certainly does make you wonder! What if you turn a different way? Will the whole world be different? It certainly was in Donna’s case! Because she turned right instead, she didn’t ever get a job at HC Clements. Never got dosed with Huon particles. Was never going to get married. Didn’t end up in the TARDIS, never met the Doctor, so he didn’t have someone to stop him on that fateful Christmas, in which he died! Then all events with aliens after that, the Doctor wasn’t there, so couldn’t help out, which caused disaster after disaster! Amazing!

I loved how Rose just kept popping up, at different times in Donna’s life! At the first meeting in Donna’s life, up until Rose said the two words in her ear, after she had died! This also included references to Torchwood, with Gwen, Ianto and Jack, and also Sarah Jane and her team (which also feature in next week’s two parter!). This was referenced at the same time as Rose explaining the Darkness to her (more about this below).

And the time machine, which was the circle of mirrors! Oh, and magnificent acting from Catherine Tate in this episode also! This included her scenes in the mirrors also. Donna thought she had worked out what was going to happen, and Rose’s plain face expressions just showed that something was up, that Donna didn’t know about! And then she only had four minutes to get to her other self and stop herself from turning right, but instead to turn left! (Hence the title of the episode, Turn Left!(If you hadn’t already figured this out!)) And then in the end she did this by killing herself!

Way back in The Fires of Pompeii, Lucius had told Donna that there was something on her back, and then in this episode we finally get to find out what that something is! A giant beetle! Well, a time beetle, to be precise for all ye Who fanatics out there! From the Fires of Pompeii, I had originally thought it would be something lurking at the back of Donna’s mind, or something like that, and not actually something physical stuck on her back! I don’t know which I would have preferred, but still!

So, The Darkness! As all the stars are going out near the middle of the episode, this is then sure to happen now, as the real world has been put back together, as Rose and Donna needed the Doctor to handle it! So it’s still out there! This is most likely to happen in the next two episodes of the finale of Series 4, as all the Daleks come back and blah blah blah…

Ooooooo, what a good cliffhanger! Brilliant in fact! Russell T. Davies sure is a genius! Who would have thought Bad Wolf would have become so important again this Series! Well, I certainly didn’t! As soon as Donna said about a blonde woman, and the expression on the Doctor’s face was great! And then when she said to the Doctor, Bad Wolf…

So then, when they raced outside, Bad Wolf was written everywhere, and even on the TARDIS! ‘Bad Bad Wolf Wolf,’ is what the TARDIS must now be called! And so it’s the end of the universe, as the TARDIS interior has gone red, and the cloister bell sounds, and some strange noise comes out of the speakers, as the Doctor Who Theme starts, the logo goes across the screen, and the trailer for The Stolen Earth plays…

Hints of the Series 4 Story Arc:

Rose! Maybe? BAD WOLF, and possibly billions more!

Next Time:

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