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Monday, 16 June 2008

Turn Left - Newsround Review

”Just like last week, The Doctor and Donna are relaxing on an alien planet. But this time it's Donna's world that is turned upside down.

Her life takes a dramatically different turn, and the Earth is struck by a series of disasters. The only person who can help is Rose Tyler.

After a series of brief glimpses, Rose is finally back, almost two years after she was trapped in another universe. But something terrifying is happening across all universes, and Rose has to help Donna try to put things right.

The last episode was centred almost entirely on The Doctor, and this week it's Donna's turn, with a welcome spotlight thrown on her family.

But even though there's hardly any of The Doctor in the story, the role he plays in helping humanity has never been clearer.

Still, Catherine Tate is really given a chance to shine here, and she doesn't waste it, giving her best performance of the series as, she and her family are pulled in all directions.

And she learns things about herself that she's never suspected.

In the previous episode Midnight, we saw humans at their worst when under pressure. This time, we see people at both their worst and their best. As crisis after crisis hits the Earth.

This is an episode that will be enjoyed most by fans who've followed the series and all the happenings in the Doctor Who universe over the past four years.

And with only two episodes remaining in the series after this one, Turn Left promises great things for the series's two-part finale.”


Four and a half out of five