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Monday, 21 July 2008

Doctor Who Adventures 73

There are Daleks everywhere in the new edition of Doctor Who Adventures out today.

It has a fact file about the Supreme Dalek plus part three of the win a life-size Dalek competition. In addition, there is the first part of a cut-out mini mag about the Daleks.

The free gift is Ood slime and a set of Ood eyeballs.

Also in issue 73:
  • Three posters: The Supreme Dalek, Mr Halpen with an Ood, and Matron Cofelia
  • Adventures Guide: Partners in Crime. Donna meets the Doctor again . . .
  • Tales from the TARDIS: There's something on Donna's back in a scene from Turn Left
  • Quiz: A Quintus from Pompeii quiz
  • Make: A Doctor mask
  • Doctor's Data: Find out about the Sixth Doctor
  • Comic strip: In the year 3269, trouble is waiting for the Doctor and Donna
  • Time Teasers: Shadow Monsters and TARDIS Scanner
  • Win: Lots of goodies - including Doctor Who DVDs
  • Find out: How to become a Time Agent and receive a free newsletter every week