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Friday, 4 July 2008

DWO WhoCast - Episode #76

Episode #76 of the DWO WhoCast is now online! 

In this week's episode of the DWO WhoCast... The 2Ts look at the beginning of the end as they review the latest episode 4.11: Turn Left.

The boys unleash their inner geek, and let loose with a good old fanboy natter about the Daleks.  Find out what the boys like about Daleks, and what they don't!

They also announce the winner of the voice competition, where listeners were asked to impersonate their favourite Doctor Who monster, villain or character.

Along with the latest news, listener feedback and general chit chat, the DWO WhoCast is just what the Doctor ordered!

The DWO WhoCast is FREE to download, and contains all the latest from the world of Doctor Who.

If you are an iTunes user, make sure you vote and post your comments; the more people that vote and leave their comments the higher up the rankings we go and the more successful we are.  

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