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Monday, 21 July 2008

Forthcoming UK DVD Schedule

On Saturday, Doctor Who News featured a forthcoming schedule for Doctor Who DVD titles for North America. After receiving several queries from UK readers, following is the current forthcoming DVD schedule for the United Kingdom (Updated on July 7th with further information):

  • The Brain of Morbius (Tom Baker), 21 July
  • The Trial of a Time Lord Boxed Set (Colin Baker), 18 August
  • Four to Doomsday (Peter Davison), 15 September
  • The War Machines (William Hartnell), Late September
  • The Complete Fourth Series (David Tennant), Mid-November
  • Battlefield (Sylvester McCoy), Date to be confirmed
Details on the next two of these releases are as follows:

The Brain of Morbius: Commentary by Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Philip Madoc (Solon), Christopher Barry (director), Philip Hinchcliffe (producer); "Getting a Head," a documentary on the making of the story; "Designs on Karn," with interviews with designer Barry Newbery; "Set Tour," a 3D CGI tour of the studio; "Sketch Gallery" with original design sketches and concept art; photo gallery, trailerse, Radio Times PDF, subtitles, production notes.

The Trial of a Time Lord Boxed Set: Commentary by Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Tony Selby (Glitz), Adam Blackwood (Balazar), Eric Saward (script editor), Philip Martin (writer), Michael Craig (Commodore), Pip and Jane Baker (writers), Chris Clough (director); "The Making of The Mysterious Planet," "The Making of Mindwarp," "The Making of Terror of the Vervoids" and "The Making of The Ultimate Foe" featurettes; documentaries including "Now and Then: On the Trail of a Time Lord" (locations of "Mindwarp"), "A Fate Worse than Death?" (Peri's fate with Yrcanos), "The Lost Season" (about the aborted season 23), "Now Get Out of That!" (cliffhangers) and "Trials and Tribulations" (Colin Baker's tenure); clips from "Lenny Henry," "Wogan," "Saturday Picture Show," "TV Talkback," "Blue Peter," "Points of View," "Open Air" and "Saturday Superstore"; the 1985 "Doctor in Distress" music video along with media footage on the 1985 hiatus and the 1985 Children in Need special; the full 35mm film sequence of the opening visual effects of episode 1; deleted and extended scenes, DVD/PDF material, trailers and continuity segments, music videos, photo galleries, production notes.

Recent UK releases (in case you haven't picked them up) included the "Beneath the Surface" Boxed Set (which included "Doctor Who and the Silurians," "The Sea Devils" and "Warriors of the Deep") on 14 January, "The Time Meddler" on 4 February, "The Five Doctors: 25th Anniversary Edition" on 3 March, "Black Orchid" on 14 April, "The Invasion of Time" on 5 May and "K9 Tales" (featuring "The Invisible Enemy" and "K9 and Company") on 16 June.