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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Journey's End - After Broadcast

Wow, wasn't that AN ENDING!

So, the thirteenth, and final episode of Series 4, Journey’s End, has now aired on BBC One!

My Rating:

5/5, and I think the percentage tells you the rest!

Percentage: 99%

My Brief Overview:

My mind is literally still going round in circles!!! I’m not completely sure what to say about this! Um, well, it was… Oh, I can’t find a word that does it justice! Just read on!

I’ll probably not be able to write about it well, as I’ll need to watch it again, as I’m actually still a little unsure about the episode, apart from I did pick up on the fact that the episode was fantastic! And I won’t be able to see it again for a while because early tomorrow morning I’m off on holiday for two whole weeks, so yes, I also won’t be able to update things! But without further ado…


I had a feeling that this would happen! It was just so likely!!! Ever since I’d seen the hand by the console, just waiting to be used! And I’m very glad the Doctor didn’t regenerate into anyone else, otherwise, it wouldn’t be the same! Does this mean that he’s now in his 11th incarnation, or just that he didn’t finish regenerating at all?


I feel that Davros wasn’t used as much as he should have been in this episode! Most of the time, it just looked as if he was just sitting in his chair, talking and shouting, but not actually doing much, and then he died just like all the other Daleks! I think he could have done a lot more! I think it was all the build up about him returning, and then it was kind of a letdown, but he was still really good. He seemed to play more of a part in The Stolen Earth, which hardly had any of him in anyway! And he refused the offer for the Doctor to save him, which was kind of sad, but I know that he wouldn’t except!

The Two Doctors

Well, this was a surprise for me! Who’d have thought that we’d have Two Doctors running about over the place! You could just tell that something was going to happen when Donna was hearing the heart beats, that then led to the hand in the jar, and brought a new Doctor to life, with only one heart and part human! Just like Donna as we found out a bit later!

Children of Time

It was great to see different plans that could have been used to defeat the Daleks and Davros! Martha using the Osterhagen Key, and Jack, Sarah-Jane, Mickey and Jackie using the Warp thingy! Oh, I’ve forgotten what it was called! Oh well! The Doctor didn’t want them to use any method, as it would either blow up the Earth, with everyone on, or the Crucible with the Doctor, Rose and other companions on!


When Donna came out of the Tardis and started to be Time Lordish, wasn’t it really funny? Trust her to be part Time Lord! She acted just like the Doctor, even saying the things he says! Although when the Daleks started playing up, it did seem quite silly, even though it was funny, and didn’t support the dark theme of the episodes! It was very different from how I expected they’d defeat the Daleks, and not just Donna playing around!

Tardis Team

I have been waiting for this scene my whole life! This was brilliant!!!! All the Tardis Crew together, towing the Earth back to its original position in the universe! And they’re little party at the end with them all clapping at they’re achievement, and it was just such a great moment, and that’s all I can say on that!


The Goodbyes were emotional!!! First Sarah-Jane, stating that he shouldn’t be lonely with the big family he’s got! Then running off to see Luke! It looks like Martha and Mickey will be joining Torchwood! Which is absolutely fantastic as they’re such amazing characters, so expect more from them! Rose’s farewell brought a tear to my eye, and didn’t think this was going to happen! I thought that she was going to choose not to stay with the Doctor, and not for the Doctor to sort of push her out! And why back to the parallel universe? She could have lived happily in ours! But it was great to see Rose go off with the ‘other’ Doctor, which was mostly human! We found out what he was going to say to her, on that fateful day, way back in Doomsday on Bad Wolf Bay! Even though we already knew, it was still good. The real Doctor couldn’t say it, but then the ‘blue suited’ Doctor did, and then they broke into a kiss, and they go happily into the sunset… Well, this didn’t really happen, but use your imagination!

Donna Noble

So Donna in the end became too much like the Doctor, and it unfortunately started to kill her! She was breaking down! It was so emotional when the Doctor had to do what he had to do, and erase all her memory of ever meeting the Doctor! This was so sad that he had to do this! And he took her home, and told Wilf and Sylvia that they can never tell her about him or the Tardis, or she would just ‘burn up’! So Donna was left to her normal self, and the Doctor feels really lonely without her! And sad that they can never be together again! One of the beautiful parts was when Wilf was talking to the Doctor, outside in the pouring rain, just when the Doctor was leaving!

Death of a Companion?

So, there wasn’t really a death of the most faithful companion, was there? Unless, when Donna was dying and the Doctor had to erase all of her memory, so that she ‘died’, so that might have been it, but I’m still not sure!


The music in this was spectacular! I want to mention two pieces! The Song of the Ood came back when the Tardis Team were pulling the Earth back, and it was in a different version, with guitars in the background and other added things, which made it amazing and emotional to hear! And definitely fitted the scene! We heard another piece we’d also heard in other episodes like Turn Left, when the Doctor was erasing Donna’s memory, and it sounded like a new Doomsday, but for the Doctor and Donna, instead of the Doctor and Rose! It had the bass put in to give it some depth, and was amazing!

Hints of the Series 4 Story Arc:

Well, it was the story Arc, so nothing really, but many questions were answered! This is what we had been building up for!

Next Time:

A special Christmas Special Teaser in which you can see in another post!

So, that’s it until the Xmas Special! Such a long time away! And we’ve got just under two years until a whole new series! Ughhh!

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