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Monday, 21 July 2008

Pest Control - Review

In our latest audiobook review we asked the Reading Group at King Edward's School, Bath, to let us know what they thought of Pest Contol, written Peter Anghelides and read by David Tennant.

Here's what Will, Lizzie, Joe, Tess and Nic had to say.
Warning! Spoilers below.

What is the story about?

Lizzie: In this story Donna and the Doctor went on a journey to another world, where people are in danger from the huge robot there.
Nic: I knew this was going to be a brilliant story from the start: "Field Medic Harrison was doomed." That was the fantastic first line written by Peter Anghelides that still rings in my ears. He should be congratulated for writing such an eventful story.
Joe: The introduction of the giant robot into the giant warfare between centaurs and humans was thrilling, and the idea of turning casualties into bugs was really good.

What were the characters like?

Nic: Donna had some funny moments that lifted the tension.
Lizzie: There was also a character called Harrison and one called Nash.
Will: I liked it where the baddie reveals herself to be an alien.

What did you particularly enjoy/dislike about the book?

Tess: David Tennant is very funny and energetic on television but in this reading he used his voice well, being enthusiastic in the exciting parts and slowing down in the dark sombre moments.
Joe: The edited sound effects and the crisp accent of the Doctor were in perfect harmony.
Lizzie: My favourite part was when the Doctor and Donna almost got crushed by the giant robot's foot.
Tess: I was on the edge of my seat when they were in a lorry going to save the city. It was really tense because I didn't know if they were going to get out!
Will:It had me gripped from the start.
Nic: The narration was very descriptive and at times reminded me of what I've learned about trench warfare in World War I.
Lizzie: It was hard to understand sometimes if you didn't listen very carefully. Luckily, it was good enough to hear again and again!

What did you think of the story as a whole?
Tess: Pest Control was action-packed and very exciting.
Lizzie: Overall, it was a very exciting and fast-moving story.
Will: Pest Control was a very good audio book.
Joe: This electric novel was impossibly good. I'd love to see it on TV.

Special thanks to Lisa Denton for arranging the review and pictures.