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Monday, 21 July 2008

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Return of a Friend and a Foe

A welcome face from the world of Doctor Who looks like he's about to join forces with Elisabeth Sladen...

by Simon Brew

Highlight to reveal (spoilers!):

Some would happily argue that of the Doctor Who spin-offs, it’s The Sarah Jane Adventures that has been the best. Aimed at kids, and featuring the terrific Elisabeth Sladen in the title role, the show might have to make do with some of the main show’s old toys, but it’s fitted a treat into the Doctor Who universe, and a second series is deep into production. What’s more, it’s going to be a full-length series too, with primarily two part adventures all the way through.

Among the titbits we’ve picked up for series two are the return of the Sontarans, who this time will need to be battled without the Doctor’s assistance. But the one that’s got us really excited is the news doing the rounds that Nicholas Courtney will be appearing in the programme, as the Brigadier. How cool is that going to be? We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas Courtney (as well as Elisabeth Sladen), and he’s not only a top chap, but also a font of knowledge where the world of Doctor Who is concerned. The character of the Brigadier, incidentally, was last seen in the Sylvester McCoy adventure, Battlefield, back in 1989.

The thought of Sarah Jane and the Brigadier back on screen together is all the excuse we need to nudge anklebiters out of the way of the telly. Not that we’d ever do something like that.