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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

BBC 3 Repeats

Starting from tonight (which was 8 days ago from when I'm writing this!) there will be a re-run of all episodes from the new series!

It will start with the episode 'Rose', which was the first episode of Series 1, all the way up to the end of Series 4 (Journey's End).
But because of of the Olympics going on in Beijing, it won't be the whole thing without any breaks or delays. The episodes will be broadcast when they can be, when the Olympics doesn't have anything to say!
If you've already got all the DVDs, then it won't matter if you miss these, as you can watch it anytime you like. But if you don't have them, this would be a great chance to watch them again, and relive all the excitement!
If you miss the repeats, you will be able to see them on BBC iPlayer, for 7 days after it has broadcast!

Will you be watching the repeats?