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Monday, 18 August 2008

New Cutouts

The picture above was made by me
Some new pictures of the new cutouts have been revealed! The new cutouts include K9, and Ood, a Scarecrow, Weeping Angel and the Master. You can purchase these new cutouts here! They all cost £27.99, apart from K9 who costs £15.99!
Please Comment! Thanks!


Brad said...

cool post. these cutouts are ace. i'll try and buy the ood.

adv said...

I'd love the weeping angel! Just having it up at night in my room would be SPOOKY!!! Plus, it would scare of unwanted visitors!

Zobles said...

Cool post those cut outs looks cool as does this site, the layout is brilliant, the banner is brilliant and thx for the link ur on mine now :D