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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Pop-Up Dalek Model Kit

After the first two successful model kits beforehand, Penguin Books are releasing another model kit, this time where you can build your own Dalek! And without any need of scissors or glue! Here is the official description:
This model kit is so amazing, it seems that it's from another dimension!

This work features a stunning paper-engineered 3D model of a Dalek, that is designed to be made without the need for scissors or glue.
The kit will be on sale from 25th September 2008 at the RRP price of £12.99! You can pre-order it from Forbidden Planet for a cheaper £8.44! Will you get the model kit?
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Brad said...

cool post. I saw this on DWO quite a while back it looks amazing!

msspurlock said...

But how big is "giant?"
I'm wondering if I should I save my money and get the 18" R/C toy version.
They want $35 plus shipping for the book in the States.