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Sunday, 28 September 2008

2009 DVD Releases

A few new titles have been revealed for release early next year, by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification). There are four new titles from the first, fourth and sixth Doctor eras. Here are the new titles;
- Attack of the Cybermen
- The Twin Dilemma
- The Rescue / The Romans
- The E~Space Trilogy
The Rescue and The Romans is features the first Doctor, William Hartnell, and will be released as a double set. These stories were both shown in 1965. From the Sixth Doctor's era there is The Twin Dilemma which was Colin Baker's first, debut story, shown in 1984 and Attack of the Cybermen, first shown in 1985. The E~Space Trilogy features the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. With these new sixth Doctor stories, that means that every story from his era has now been released.
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Anonymous said...

Great to have the latest DVD news. Thanks! This is gonna be a great year for Doctor Who releases.

Now the question from a lot of fans: When is 'Key to Time' going to be re-released?!