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Saturday, 13 September 2008

£500 To See Hamlet!

Hamlet will be moving to the West-End, after extremely successful performances at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, tickets were selling out like a rocket last night. Thousands and thousands of Who fans were buying tickets, that were selling for more than five hundred pounds! Every single ticket for every performance was sold out in just a few hours! After the box office for the production opened yesterday, it went wild and the official website crashed, as well as the telephone hotline being jammed! On unofficial websites tickets were being handed over for as much as £1,100 for two! Top-prices officially only went up to £40 pounds, but there was such a demand for them. Some people even went to the extremes of camping overnight, outside the theatre, hoping for tickets. In just two hours, 6,000 tickets were sold.
At getmein.com, a "fan-to-fan marketplace" site owned by Ticketmaster, a pair of seats for the opening night, 3rd December was priced at £1,174, including a £174 "processing fee".
The tickets being sold on the internet at inflated prices had nothing to do with the RSC or the Novello Theatre, but violated the terms and conditions associated with their purchase. atts strongly advises that you do NOT buy tickets like any of these, as, for one thing, they are incredibly exoensive and probably not worth that amount, and you are under the risk of not being allowed in. Sorry to anyone who did not see it at Stratford, or have not been able to get tickets for London. All London performances are now sold out.
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Brad said...

I think David T's a great actor but I wouldn't pay £500 just to see a play!