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Sunday, 28 September 2008

adventures through time and space is growing!

Over the last twenty hours, you will have probably realised that the whole site has been closed. Well, now it is open again, and in top form! There is a new banner, new pages, new posts, new stuff on the sidebar and everything with loose ends has now been tidied up, so many things are a lot easier and look nicer. A few banners have changed on the site pages as well. The site is bigger than ever before and I hope you enjoy it. Amongst the new stuff is one of the main things, I've worked all day on, the about page, where you can read all about the history of this site, and how it came to be, and what it is now! Here is an extract about the future of atts;
The Future... - Well, no one can determine the future, but I will keep updating the site for all the latest news and all the other pages until it is time to stop. Nothing has been thought of yet, to do with the site, but I think we're looking toward a bright future... for now!
I hope you all enjoy the new stuff. If there are any comments you wish to make then please put them in the cbox.
Please Comment! Thanks!