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Monday, 29 September 2008

The Best Magazine Cover Of All Time...

The picture above was edited by me

The Vote Dalek Radio Times cover has won the award for the best Bristish magazine cover of all time! The poll has been held for a while, made by the Periodical Publishers Association, and the results are now in. The cover was up against strong competition from Vogue, The Face and OK! The cover, featuring Daleks upon Westminster Bridge outside the Houses of Parliament, was made for the week 30th April to 6th May, which was the time when Series 1 episode, Dalek was on, and the British General Election. The cover also featured the snappy line, Vote Dalek!, which tied in with the fun of the cover. The importance of the series one story, was that it was the first Dalek story in sixteen years, and, of course, the General Election is important! The Guardian said that the cover received over a quarter of the 10,000 votes cast in the public vote! Gill Hudson, editor of the Radio Times, said "It was a very complex cover to put together; simply getting Daleks onto Westminster Bridge at night was very challenging."
What do you think of this win?
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