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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Classic Series Figures - Wave 2 Info

Some new information has been released about the second wave of the Classic Series figure collection. This follows on from the first set out earlier this year. Note: The picture on the left is not of the new figures, but of Wave 1. No pictures have been released yet. The figures and details are as follows:
- 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy: Seventh Doctor (1987-1996) Sylvester McCoy without Hat as seen in Ghost Light (1989)
- 8th Doctor
- Ice Warrior: First appeared in The Ice Warriors (1967) as heavily armoured reptiles with claw hands
- Morbius Monster: With 'goldfish bowl' head and giant crab claw as seen in The Brain of Morbius (1976) alongside Fourth Doctor Tom Baker and companion Sarah Jane Smith
- Mummy with Jar: The Mummy robot will include an urn accessory. As seen in Pyramids of Mars (1975) with Tom Baker and Sarah Jane Smith
- Tenth Planet Cyberman: 10th Planet Cyberman finished in semi-transparent plastic. As seen in the four part serial The Tenth Planet (1966), featuring the First Doctor William Hartnell. In the first ever appearance of The Cybermen they land at the Antarctic on a mission to relocate all humans to the planet Mondas for transformation into Cybermen
- Voc Robot: V9 Voc Robot in green
- 'Build A Figure' - Krynoid: As seen in the Tom Baker six parter The Seeds of Doom. Collect all the figures in the wave to assemble an extra figure, just like the K-1 Robot in Wave 1 figure packs
There is no official date for the release of these yet, but I'll keep you informed on the matter.
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drwhomad said...

cool post won't be getting of these though. I have now added you to my links

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Alexander said...

Awesome Toys! I live in Australia so I might not be able to buy them.
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K, will follow, doing it now