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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Doctor Who Magazine 400 - Cover

The cover for the four hundredth issue of Doctor Who Magazine has now been revealed on their Facebook site! The cover features the tenth Doctor, with a brown suit, in the Tardis, reading the same issue of the magazine, and can be seen above. Of course the Doctor does not normally purchase DWM though! The picture of the Tardis interior is black and white, and the Doctor is in colour. The style of the cover is golden. While the information about it has not yet been released, we know a few things that are inside from the cover:
  • David Tennant and Russell T. Davies interviews
  • Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures previewed
  • Colin Baker joins the Time Team
  • The Sheer Brilliance of Doctor Who
  • Special News
And a chance to win a trip to see Doctor Who being filmed!
The 400th issue will be out tomorrow, at the normal price of £3.99. It will contain eight more pages, which makes it 76 pages, and will have a poster free with it. More details will be posted when released. What do you think of the cover?
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