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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Russell Tovey - The Eleventh Doctor?

In Russell T. Davies' new book, The Writer's Tale, he talks about who he would want or like to see playing the eleventh Doctor. Although, when the tenth Doctor does regenerate into his eleventh self, Russell will have no say on who would take the lead role, he said that he would make 26-year-old actor, Russell Tovey, who played Midshipman Frame in Voyage of the Damned, his new incarnation! The small news has hit the media with a bang lately, after extracts from the book we're released, containing the information (fortunately, the Sun hasn't picked up on the story yet).
"...Also, Russell Tovey as Midshipman Frame, which is my favourite casting of the lot, because he's going to be huge, that man. He's amazing. I think I'd make him the Eleventh Doctor!" 
Now what he said, in the quote above, it does sound as if he's saying it in a jokey way, and if he hadn't quit and was still making it in 2010, it is not necessarily who he would have actually put into the role, but that's not how the press took it. Can we make it clear that still nothing has been confirmed on David Tennant's leaving, or of the real eleventh Doctor, so these are again rumours. Tennant might well be very close to signing up for 2010 though. Although Steven Moffat will be taking over, and this most likely won't happen, what are your thoughts?
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