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Friday, 26 September 2008

Saturday CBBC Repeats

A few repeats of The Sarah Jane Adventures and the Infinite Quest will be broadcast tomorrow on the CBBC channel. They will be shown in the morning. First is a repeat of the first Sarah Jane story, Invasion of the Bane, and will be shown at 9:00am. This story introduces Maria and Luke as they try to stop the Bane from their evil plans. Secondly is the first fully animated episode of Doctor Who, The Infinite Quest, that was shown on consecutive weeks during Series 3, on Totally Doctor Who. The story shows The Doctor and Martha go on a quest to find the Infinite, meeting and battling aliens along the way. Next is a slightly different thing, called Chute!, where Ross Lee gets trapped in the depths of the BBC Television Centre and he shows very funny clips. To join him will be Thomas Knight and Daniel Anthony, better known in Sarah Jane world as Luke and Clyde. To finish the morning off is another repeat of the Sarah Jane Adventures, The Lost Boy, part 2, which is the last story of series 2. Remember The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2 starts on Monday at 4:35pm on BBC One!
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