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Monday, 29 September 2008

Short News

This is the first post where there will be brief news to talk about that might be of intrest, but is pointless having a full post for it.

2009 Pocket Diary  - Released
The 2009 pocket diary was released today at the RRP price of £4.99! This is a follow on from past diaries out every year! You can use it to write all your notes down, while admiring all the lovely Doctor Who pictures inside, which make it that bit more special than a normal diary! Are you going to get the diary?

Times Russell T. Davies SJA Interview
A new interview with Russell T. Davies has been posted on Times Online, talking about Davies' views on The Sarah Jane Adventures;
How dark can it get?
"Kids love dark. I think it’s only adults watching who worry about that. Harry Potter gets as dark as hell in some places. All the great fairytales and myths are full of loss and longing. You’re an idiot if you remember childhood as just laughing, running about and having a good time. But I think it’s a job of good children’s drama to include the full range of emotions, which also includes happiness."

You can read the full interview here!

Earl's Court Exhibition - Super Davros Top Trumps Card
The Earl's Court Exhibition in London are giving away Super Davros Top Trumps cards away with entry. The cards can be used in the classic series set, and originally came in the fourth volume of Series 4 DVD.

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