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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Torchwood - Lost Souls Today

Just a reminder to you that the exclusive Torchwood audio adventure, Lost Souls will be airing on BBC Radio 4 today. The story is part of Big Bang Day, where scientists most ambitious experiment has been turned on. It will see the world's most powerful particle accelerators activated so that Scientists across the globe can decide and make a narrower judgement about whether the Big Bang is fact or fiction! You can find out more about the experiment here. The story will be on BBC Radio 4 today at 2:15pm, and will have a running time of 45 minutes and is written by Joseph Lidster. It will feature the characters Captain jack, Gwen, Ianto and Martha. If you are at school today, like most people are, you can listen to it afterwards for seven days on BBC iPlayer. If you want to keep the story, you can buy it from 11th September 2008 on CD. 
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