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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Be The Supreme Dalek!

With the new Supreme Dalek Voice Changer Helmet! Previously there have been releases of the standard bronze Dalek head, that was out quite a while ago. The Dalek Sec one was released a couple of months ago, exclusive to Toys R Us, but this new one has now been confirmed. The Red Supreme Dalek featured in the finale of Series 4, comprised of the episodes The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. It had high superiority and was the leader of all the Daleks on board the Crucible. Davros created him from cells in his own flesh. You can see the first picture of the Voice Changer Helmet to the left. Also, apart from the voice changer, the helmet features classic quotations made by the Supreme Dalek from the end of last season, with lights as well. It is believed that the helmet is already out, but where you can find it is another matter. It has an RRP price of £39.99, just like previous ones before it.
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Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great Post

I won't get this but this would be a perfect Christmas or birthday gift
Doctor Who Mad Online

Zobles said...

Great post, I can confirm that this product IS out, I saw it in Argos, it was in stock.

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