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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cardiff Filming Locations 2008

As well as the exhibition yesterday, I took a tour round various different filming locations used for Doctor Who and Torchwood around Cardiff. I had my trusty Torchwood Magazine Number Eight and a map I got from the exhibition. It actually took a long time, as we were walking all the way, so we didn't get to loads of places, but there were quite a few. Some places we went to, I did not take a picture of either, but there aren't many. I've had a look round for locations not too long ago, but didn't take any pictures or have a map, so now you can see my new ones. To see the pictures I took in grid view, visit here, or for a slideshow, click here! On grid view, click on the pictures to find out where it is and what it was used for. Please do not use them in any way without my permission. It may not look like there were many places, bt it certainly did feel like we had gone a long way! If you're going to see the exhibition, I would thoroughly recommend having a look at various places! They're great fun to go and see, like where the Tardis stood, or where a big explosion happened!
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