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Friday, 3 October 2008

The Darksmith Legacy

A new set of books has now been confirmed by BBC Children's Books. The set, entitled The Darksmith Legacy, will launch next January, and continue throughout the year. Two books will be released in January, and then after that there will be one every month, until September 2009. Apparently, they will be 'gripping' and "fans will be eager to continue the ongoing adventure and collect all ten titles". You can view these ten titles below;
Book One - The Dust of Ages - (29th January)
Book Two - The Graves of Mordane - (29th January)
Book Three - The Colour of Darkness - (26th February)
Book Four - The Depths of Despair - (26th March)
Book Five - The Vampire of Paris - (TBA)
Book Six - The Game of Death - (TBA)
Book Seven - The Planet of Oblivion - (TBA)
Book Eight - The Picture of Emptiness - (TBA)
Book Nine - The Art of War - (TBA)
Book Ten - The End of Time - (TBA)
There will be a new site set up at www.thedarksmithlegacy.com, but the website is not up and running yet. It will be, though, in mid-November.
By registering on the site, visitors can create their own avatar and alien identity and begin collecting eternity points, crucial to the Doctor’s survival. Collaboration with other fans online to earn extra points will release exclusive content and assist in the Quest to keep the precious Eternity Crystal safe from the dangerous Darksmith Collective. A multi platform experience, The Darksmith Legacy offers the adventure of a book serialisation with the additional interactivity and exclusive content that can only be achieved online.
The synopsises have also been released for the first three books, which you can see in a newer post. Below is a picture, thanks to Doctor Who Online showing some information and the first book covers;
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