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Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Day of the Clown - Ratings

The overnight ratings for the first part of The Sarah Jane Adventures story, The Day of the Clown, have now been released. The episode, broadcast on Monday at 4:35pm on BBC One, gained an audience of 0.5 million, with a 5.3% share of the audience. This rating has dropped again from last week, that received 0.6 million. This is thought to be because the episode had already aired on CBBC the week beforehand, and so people might have watched that, and not watched it again. It seems to keep going down at the moment! But the Appreciation Index for the episode was 82, which is pretty good, but dropped four from last week. It was, at least, on of the highest scores of the day! The final BARB rating will follow shortly, which should have a higher figure. The Day of the Clown part two, which aired on CBBC on the same day show it was the highest rated programme of the week on that channel, with 0.48 million viewers! What do you think?
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