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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Doctor As We Know Will Leave Us

I'm not going to put a massive big sign saying Breaking News, but it definitely is for the show we love! Right, I'm going to try and keep calm in this post so here goes...
If you had been watching the National Television Awards this evening, you would have seen awards won by our Doctor Who nominees, but more about that in the next post. When it was announced that David Tennant had won his award, we learnt that he was not there, but in Stratford, home of the Royal Shakespeare Company, in the middle of one of his breaks, and David Tennant had come out to make a speech. He was delighted, naturally, but then the news came... He told us that he was doing the specials, but you could see where his sentence was heading! He said, that Doctor Who would be returning for the fifth series in 2010, but then he said that he won't be in it. Someone else will be taking the lead role, and David Tennant will be leaving the show. This may be very very upsetting for all fans, as David Tennant in many hearts, was the best Doctor and the most loved, and had elements of all past Doctors before him. Even after extremely large amounts of money the BBC had offered him to stay on for another series, he said that he would like to move on to other things, otherwise his life would just keep pulling him back into that same old Tardis again. This certainly is an end of an era, after the specials are finished, but we've still got him until Christmas 2009, but won't that be a dreary Christmas!!! Russell T. Davies will also be leaving, handing the flame over to Steven Moffat, previous writer of such stories like The Girl in the Firplace and Blink. Phil Collinson and Julie Gardner have left, and most likely, there will be a new companion. This will lead to a fresh start, a new beginning, and a look back to the fabulous events that have passed...
Thank You!