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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Doctor Who Adventures 87

This week's issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue 87, was released today around the UK. The magazine costs £2.99, and comes free with a free Davros Mask and Claws. The magazine celebrates Halloween this week, and the reason of the price being a little higher than normal is becuase it's a bumper special. Although, there is no more in it than previous weeks. Posters inside include Carrionite Lilith, the Tardis Team from Journey's End and Luke, Clyde and Rani from The Sarah Jane Adventures. Inside is a feature on the top Halloween Horrors from Doctor Who, how to make a Davros Control Panel, a Secrets of the Stars preview and the third part of the Ultimate Collection on the Tenth Doctor. There is also the first part of a competition for the chance to win a life-size Dalek Sec! You can see the cover above, and below is the official press release from the BBC;
Dress up as Davros for Halloween!

With Halloween just round the corner, you’ll find the perfect dress-up set in this week’s bumper Doctor Who Adventures!

The magazine comes with a fantastic Davros mask and set of creepy claws so you can pretend to be the creator of the Daleks!

Inside the mag, we show you how to make a Davros control panel. And you can also find out how to enter a competition to win a life-size Dalek Sec!

This issue is essential for all Dalek fans! Plus;

  • Three posters! We’ve got posters of Carrionites, Children of Time and The Sarah Jane Adventures!
  • Fear file: The top ten Halloween horrors.
  • News: Results of the DWA readers’ favourite 2008 episode.
  • Blast from the Past: The Fourth Doctor regenerates in Logopolis.
  • Who knows?: Your questions answered!
  • Sarah Jane Adventures: Facts about Luke Smith and next-episode preview.
  • Draw: We’ve got a mean Sontaran for you to colour in.
  • Ultimate Tenth Doctor: Part 3 of our mini mag about the Tenth Doctor.
  • Comic strip: The concluding part of Titanoleum Tourists.
  • Bloodtide and Doomfinger’s woven word search: Find the missing word for a chance to win a cool prize.
  • Time Teasers: Great puzzles to complete.
  • Win: Loads of goodies!
  • Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get free Doctor Who Dalek and Cybermen figures.
  • All this and lots more!
This bumper Halloween edition of Doctor Who Adventures, priced £2.99, is in shops now! Capture Davros before he escapes!

Remember to get this issue before next Thursday, when the eighty eighth issue will be out. Have you got this issue of Doctor Who Adventures yet?
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