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Friday, 10 October 2008

Doctor Who Magazine 401 - Cover

Below you can see the cover of the 401st issue of Doctor Who Magazine. The cover features Davros and some Daleks, which naturally suggests that the main feature inside this issue will be taking a look at Davros, and how he was brought back to life for last series. The main colour scheme for the cover is a spooky silver, and has a fantastic background image. Full details will be released soon, but, from the cover, we do know that you can read a preview of the 8th Doctor in the new radio series, win a copy of Russell T. Davies' new book, The Writer's Tale, Behind the Scenes of The Sarah Jane Adventures, latest from Who news and comic strip action! The four hundred and first issue of Doctor Who Magazine will be released next Thursday, the 16th October, and be avaliable in all good news agents at the price of £3.99. 
What do you think of the cover?
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TOCS said...

Great cover!

Love the website.