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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Doctor Who Magazine 401

Below you can see the information for the 401st issue of Doctor Who Magazine. The main feature inside this issue will be taking a look at Davros, and how he was brought back to life for last series.  The four hundred and first issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now, and is avaliable in all good news agents at the price of £3.99, now! You can see the cover in an earlier post.
Davros, creator of the Daleks is reborn... in Doctor Who Magazine 401!

DWM talks exclusively to the people responsible for Davros’ recent return, including Head Writer Russell T Davies and prosthetics expert Neill Gorton...

Was Russell tempted to use Davros’ revival as a means to finally reinvent and clear up some of his complex backstory, once and for all?
“I never really worried about tying his history together,” Russell admits, “except I was convinced he had to have a metal hand, because it was so clearly blown off in Revelation of the Daleks. So no, I didn’t do any research as such. I didn’t rewatch Genesis, because I wanted to act off my memories. Somehow, that seems a more creative state to be in. I did worry that we never had a proper explanation of his injuries, but then realised that Genesis never did that either, so it was good company to be in! Although I did write a sort of creation story…”
“There was one scene where you were going to see an explosion, and Davros was injured,” recalls Neill. “We weren’t actually going to show his face burnt and disfigured in its full gory glory, because it would have been just a little extreme, so I think you were only going to see glimpses of his head, with smoke rising, and his hair burnt off...”


Tom Baker’s Doctor was the first to meet Davros. And Davros and the Doctor would meet again, many, many times... Philip MacDonald traces the life and times of everybody’s favourite megalomaniac and asks just what is it that drives Davros’ insane ambitions?

The Fact of Fiction is whisked down a time corridor to 1984 and takes a close look at Davros’ encounter with Peter Davison’s Doctor in Resurrection of the Daleks.

His era introduced the Daleks, the best-known monsters of them all. Neil Harris pays tribute to the man who really created the Doctor’s iconic enemies, writer Terry Nation, in You Are Not Alone.

The children of Davros have returned – and this time it’s personal! DWM exclusively talks to the people behind a brand new audio adventure for Colin Baker’s Doctor, Brotherhood of the Daleks.

Can he save Magenta Pryce from the horrors of the Space Gulag? And just who are the monsters lurking in the depths of the jail? Find out in Part Two of the latest, full colour, comic strip adventure – ThinkTwice.

He’s back – and he’s about to encounter Zygons, Autons, Morbius and more! DWM goes behind the scenes of the latest series of Doctor Who radio adventures, and speaks exclusively to the cast, including Paul McGann, Sheridan Smith, Graeme Garden, Art Malik, Clare Buckfield and James Fleet...

It’s Time Team and The Rani, as the gang go back to 1987 and get to grips with giant brains and glittery drains in Sylvester McCoy’s frankly unbelievable début adventure...

We first met Sarah Jane Smith during Jon Pertwee’s years as the Doctor... and her story continues to this day, in the The Sarah Jane Adventures! Join DWM as we watch the filming of the intrepid journalists’ latest series, and talk to the cast and crew.

Okay, we’re getting a bit tenuous now. He’s the one that Russell T Davies introduced us to in 2005. Russell takes us backstage at the TV Quick & TV Choice Awards in Production Notes and reveals what happened when the teams who make Doctor Who, Life on Mars and, um, Loose Women met up!

He gets a mention on page 6!

...and THE NEXT DOCTOR! DWM reports the latest news on the forthcoming Christmas Special – and has news on the Specials of 2009!

Plus! Competitions, reviews... and an exclusive chat with the kids from The Sarah Jane Adventures!

Doctor Who Magazine 401 is out now, price £3.99. Eschew ‘consumer resistance’ – get it now!
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