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Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Master's Fob Watch Limited Edition

Sci-Fi Collector have recently released information on a new, very special product. Released at the end of last year, was the Doctor's Fob Watch, made of plastic, with a few light and sound effects. But now, an even better version is due to be released, and it's not really a children's toy, this one. It is made of metal, with detailed engravings on the front case. It is a fully functional watch, and is said to be very much a collector's item. But there aren't that many of them, so you are going to have to be quick; it is a limited edition, with only 2500 made, with each watch with it's own unique number, which will make it rare and expensive in the future. Not only that, but each one will include with it a certificate, personally signed by the Master himself, featured in Utopia, Derek Jacobi! In the episode, he regenerated into John Simm, after having realized that he was not Professor Yana at all! At the moment, each one costs £69.99 each, post free, but is unlikely to go down. You can find out more and buy it here!
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Zobles said...

This looks deadly, I might try and get one!

Tardis Base

CMoorehead said...

I bought one for $115 and it really isn't worth it. The size for one is over half the size on the plastics one. The plastics one has the engravings on the plactic are darkend and easy to make out. The metal has the same markings but are the same colour as the rest of the metal. Not woth the price, but maybe as a collectable might be worth it some day. The metal one should have been the same size and detail as the plastics one.
-Disappointed :(