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Friday, 3 October 2008

New Sarah Jane Audiobooks

The picture above was edited by me
BBC Audio have confirmed the release of two new exclusive audiobooks from The Sarah Jane Adventures set. These follow the two ones released last year, that were called 'The Thirteenth Stone' and 'The Glittering Storm'. These two new ones have the intriguing titles of 'Ghost House' and 'Time Capsule'. The stories feature the four main characters, Sarah Jane, Luke Clyde, with Rani this time, instead of Maria. You can view the covers above. Ghost House is written by Steven Cole, and Time Capsule, Peter Anghelides. Both stories are read by Elizabeth Sladen, who plays Sarah Jane Smith in the show. The items will go on sale on 13th November 2008, at the RRP price of £5.99 each. Do you think you'll get the new audiobooks?
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