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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Series 3 Invades the BBC Site

After a long while, the third series of Doctor Who has now been added to the BBC's official site. Way back close to the start of Series 4, the site said that it would after the latest series had finished. Everything is laid out the same as Series 4 is, and has all the same features as it did in the old design, but a lot lot tidier! Some new features there are include the complete Sally Sparrow story, featured inside the 2006 annual, then converted into Blink! So that's great to read. All videos, sounds, wallpapers, concept art, graphics and features have been put on, so there is a lot to see. The homepage now shows a great picture with monsters and backgrounds from the series, including the Doctor and Martha. You can visit the site here, or the third series guide here!
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