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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Storybook 2009 - London Signing

There is a new signing event to be held in London on 4th October! Many writers will be there to sign next year's Doctor Who Storybook, that was out in August. Known Who writers such as James Moran (The Fires of Pompeii), Keith Temple (Planet of the Ood), Gareth Roberts (The Unicorn and the Wasp, plus loads of other Doctor Who and SJA), Clayton Hickman (DWM), Jonathan Morris (Big Finish Audios and Other Who-related) and Gary Russell (Doctor Who Encyclopedia, The Inside Story etc., will be signing copies of the book at the Forbidden Planet store in London, at 179 Shaftesbury Avenue. The signing starts at 1pm, until an unknown time, but all guests will be appearing subject to work commitments. The signing is free to all who want to go. The story book is out now at the RRP price of £7.99!
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