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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Who Goes There?

Well, this is your chance to find out where who does go! Nick Griffiths, previous author of the book 'Dalek I Loved You', is now going to release a second of his who-themed exciting books. This time about the many different locations the BBC have used to film the show, since very early in the Classic Series. Griffiths will take us on the journey to explore all the different settings in his wonderfully inspiring book. He wishes to share all his knowledge on the topic with you, hoping it will be of some use to you and a good read.

"What I would love is for people to get in their cars and go out and visit these places," Griffiths said. "I had a quite a lot of fun trying to find the place anyway and when I got there it was fantastic being able to stand in the spot where the Doctor had stood."
Unusual places will also pop up in the book;
"There was an old railway station in an episode I was watching and I suddenly thought 'I'd really like to go there, that looks really strange and unusual," he said.
On the book's official website, are photographs from the trip, a Google map of the locations and details of the nearest pub! For all you men out there! You can view the full cover of the book here, and it is out now at all good bookshops.
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