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Saturday, 22 November 2008

45 Years - What Will You Do?

As the time to celebrate forty-five years of Doctor Who is so very close away (Sunday), we would like to know if you will be doing anything special or something for this important date for Doctor Who. We would really like to know, as I'm sure many people may be doing a few different sort of things on Sunday. You might be just dressing up as the Doctor, making monsters, or even devoting your whole day to the show, maybe seeing how many episodes you can fit in on one day! I hop you all have a good time, and there will be a post on Sunday morning about the event. No official events have actually been confirmed, and we'd know about them sooner if there was, so we can guess we have the day to ourselves. Put you thoughts and ideas of what you will be doing in the comments, and you may be mentioned on the post on Sunday!


Zobles said...

Hmm never thought of doing anything, but maybe my site will.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a DVD Marathon of Doctor Who tomorrow - Classic and New Series.

I'll start with Unearthly Child, The Daleks etc ... and finish with Journey's End!

Popcorn? Definately! :D

Ro ♥
Children of TARDIS

adv said...

Will you be able to do them all in one day? I doubt it! ;)

TOCS said...

I may watch loads of Doctor Who episodes. That would be good!


Patar said...

yeah, im doin somethin on my site :)