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Sunday, 9 November 2008

A Dalek Is Cast

Torchwood Magazine, released last Thursday, has confirmed that a familiar face, or voice, has been cast in the third series of Torchwood, entitled Children of Earth. That person is Nick Briggs, and you should know him, because he is most well known now for doing all the voices of the Daleks for the whole of the new series. He doesn't just do Daleks either. He voices the Cybermen, Judoon and also the Nestene Consciousness. Nick Briggs will be appearing in the flesh, instead of just his voice being heard, but it has not yet been announced the character he will play. Peter Bennett said, "He gave a spectacular audition, but I'll keep you guessing about who he'll be playing for a little while yet." It is fantastic when we don't see the full face of actors who take roles in Doctor Who and it's spin-offs, because they can come in at any time, and the viewers might not even know who he is. And even if they have appeared before, like Gwen, it's all Sci-Fi, so anything can happen!
"I know that Russell, Julie and Andy have always appreciated Nick's acting talents. They have been keeping an eye out for the right part for him over the years, and finally the time has come!"
Another cast member has also been revealed to be played by Nicholas Farrell. Farrell played Aubrey in Chariots of Fire, and more recent films like Pearl Harbour and Amazing Grace.
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Ro Lean said...

Nick is an amazing actor. Not only does he bring life to several Dr Who villains on TV, but he also brings something extra to the Big Finish audio plays too.

I can't wait for his appearance!!

Zobles said...

Good to hear Nick is comin to TW.