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Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Lost Boy is... Lost!

Last week, after several weeks of waiting for the repeats of the second half of the first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, we had the repeat of Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?. The repeats were first cancelled due to repeats of Merlin. We thought that they would carry on wit the last story today, but in fact they are not. No episode shall be shown today, which was supposed to be 'The Lost Boy', as fans were expecting it. The episode may be shown at a later date, but this has not been confirmed. If there was going to be one sometime in the future, we can assume that it may be a bit of time away. We waited nine weeks for Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?!
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Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Oh well, I am getting the box set for Christmas so am not really bothered.

Doctor Who Mad Online

TOCS said...

I dont like watching these re-runs... I never get the chance really.


Zobles said...

Shame this isnt being repeated.