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Thursday, 27 November 2008

More Christmas News

Well, there is a bit more news on The Next Doctor today. There is a debate on the broadcast time of the Christmas special. Apparently, yes, it will still be on at 7pm on the 25th December, but then it is said that it will be on for an hour and a half, until 8:30pm! But Doctor Who Magazine and other places had it as just over one hour. So, what's happening. Then it has also been rumoured that the Doctor Who Prom may air in that time, but this is still unconfirmed. The lady wearing red, with a red umbrella (see last post) seems to be helping the Cybermen in some way. She is called Miss Hartigan, and she named the creatures as we see in the full trailer after David Tennant's leaving interview. So, who is she? We'll have to wait and see... Also, a new picture has been released, and shows both Doctors appearing in the episode, with the tenth Doctor, david Tennant, holding a fob watch! Is this his own? Didn't he give it to Tim Latimer in Series 3? Then is is 'The Other Doctor's'? Lots of questions, and many answers to be revealed on Christmas Day. View this picture below;

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TOCS said...

Very interesting. More questions to be answered. Typical of RTD!