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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Nemonite & Allies

A new book and audio adventure have been planned for release next year. The book is a follow on from the series of books, which has had titles in the past like 'Monsters and Villains' and more recently 'Starships and Spacestations'. The new one is set to be called 'Companions and Allies'. Obviously, the book shall be comprised of fact files of many different friends the Doctor has had in the New, and also the Classic Series. This book hasbn't been officially confirmed yet, but it is very likely that it will go on sale sometime in the near future. The first three books in the series just covered the many Aliens and Creatures, but since last year they have moved on from that, with more variety. If it does go on sale, it will be RRP priced at £7.99, like ones before it. Another new product in a series is 'The Nemonite Invasion'. It is a new adventure for the tenth Doctor, exclusive to audio. This is the third story in the series, following on from 'Pest Control' and 'The Forever Trap'. Little is known yet about the product, like if the Doctor will be on his own, or with a companion, but we know that the writer is David Roden. More news on both these items when we get it!
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Zobles said...

Cool post, I loved Pest Control and The Forever Trap, so im looking forward to this.

TOCS said...

Looks good. Won't be getting it though.