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Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Newsletter

At the start of last month, you might have seen the news titled 'October Statistics'. It had news about the site for the whole of October and things you may have found interesting. Now, there won't be that monthly feature as such, but it will now be an emailed newsletter, that you can sign up for. It will be longer, tidier, and hopefully very interesting! It will be written every month and be emailed to the list of recipients on the first day at the start of the month. The first newsletter in this format will be sent out on Monday, and it is currently in progress. So, I expect that you want to know the email address. Well, it's not the usual one. The address is: atts_newsletter@live.com
Email now to suscribe and receive it every month. If you accidentally do email the usual address, then it does not matter, you will still be put on the new one. You can sign up at any time you want. If you do in the middle of December, you will still get November's (etc.). I hope you all sign up, because I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
Thank You!


Zobles said...

Ooo cool, Iv signed up for the newsletter, this site is so great, and I love your new banner! Well done!

Tardis Base

TOCS said...

Sounds good, love your new banner!


Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great, I have signed up and can't wait to receive the newsletter :)

Doctor Who Mad Online

Anonymous said...

Great! Signed up and can't wait to see what it's like!

The Medusa Cascade